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In Liberia, like anywhere else, the process of change is not easy. There has to be an opportunity for a one-stop learning environment that incorporates access to an institutionally unique resource for learning. LLS Reading Room collection of eBooks and journals is just that idea; to provide access to books for people worldwide with internet access. LLS library is only as effective as its ability, so this is just a start. We welcome your support for the emerging information needs of our users. We will be adding books as we obtain them.

The library is a great place to explore literary works on Liberia and by Liberian authors.

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We are building a database directory of every literary work by a Liberian author or work about Liberia.

Authors and Books Recently Added


Edward S. Morris

An Address Before the Liberia Union Agricultural Enterprise Co.


Kenneth Best

Cultural Policy in Liberia


Sharon V. Thach
David J. Dwyer

Kpelle: a Reference Handbook of Phonetics, Grammar, Lexion and Learning Procedures


Packard L. Okie

Folk Music of Liberia

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Our mission is to preserve Liberia literary works for future generations; to motivate and acknowledge individuals and organizations whose coordinated efforts are being offered through their talents, skills, and substance without political or religious influence; to support initiatives that improve prospects on reading, literacy, and education.

Liberia Literary Society is a 501 (C)(3) non-partisan, non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting Liberian authors and Liberia literary works.